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Minimize a Child's Dental Health Risk as They Practice Martial Arts

Mouth Guard and Toothbrush For Kids
Children who compete in martial arts receive a high number of health benefits but may also put their dental health at risk. Therefore, parents need to understand these possible issues and know how to take steps to manage them with proper dental care. 
Just as importantly, parents must know when to take their child to the dentist if their son or daughter competes in martial arts. Following these standards will help a parent protect their child and set high-quality guidelines for their overall dental care. 

Martial Arts Do Benefit a Child's Health 

While parents may, at first, be concerned about the health risks inherent in martial arts, most appreciate the benefits it offers. For example, martial arts can improve a child's flexibility, increase the strength of their muscles, and even provides high-quality relaxation benefits for many practitioners. 
Just as importantly, children who compete in martial arts often feel better about themselves as individuals. Many children will feel safer when being left alone because they'll feel more confident about their chances of defending themselves against danger.
These benefits make martial arts a good choice for a child who doesn't enjoy other types of sports or who needs to improve their hand-eye coordination. However, children with poor dental health may be at an increased risk of severe problems due to martial arts. 

Fighting Puts a Child's Teeth at Risk

One fact that many parents may not expect is a child's use of martial arts outside of a competitive environment. For example, children who know martial arts may decide to compete against each other outside of a scheduled tournament or practice session. Unfortunately, these feisty fighters may not take appropriate care to protect their teeth and cause severe damage to each other. 
And, while fighting leagues take many steps to protect a child's teeth from damage, the nature of martial arts puts each competitors' oral health at risk. For example, a child could get punched at the bottom of the jaw in a way that juts their teeth together rather harshly. Even through a mouth guard, a direct punch can be quite devastating.

Protection Measures Are Necessary 

Children competing in martial arts need to take protective steps to keep their teeth safe. For example, children should regularly brush and floss their teeth to keep them healthy and sturdy in their jaw. Necessary procedures like these are just the start of martial arts dental care. 
For example, children should wear a mouth guard every time that they practice or compete in a martial arts tournament. While most martial arts competition leagues require the use of a mouth guard, children fitted with a custom mouth guard may experience less dental damage. 
Just as importantly, parents need to make sure that their children visit the dentist frequently to check for any problems that may develop. For example, a stiff kick to the head might lightly damage a tooth and make dental repairs necessary to save it from loss. Dentists can also fit a child with an appropriate custom mouth guard to improve their overall protection.

Dentists Provide High-Quality Help 

Any parent concerned about a child's participation in martial arts needs to talk to a dentist right away to learn more about proper protective measures. For example, parents can learn how to create a high-quality mouth guard for a child and better understand the importance of overall dental care. 
So please don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Professional Dental Center to learn more about this topic and others like it. With our help, you can protect your child's dental health no matter how many martial arts trophies your child wins through their competitive career.